House of Joy - Jeng Chi Restaurant

— Jennifer Xia

Eat These 6 Lucky Foods to Ring in the Chinese New Year

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It's that time of year again for Chinese families across the globe, when red lanterns and red and gold emblems are strung across ceilings, doors and street lights. Relatives convene and the elders tuck ornate red envelopes full of cash, or hong bao, beneath the pillows of sleeping children...

Chinese New Year decorations at Jeng Chi
— Stephanie Kuo

As DFW's Asian Food Scene Booms, 30-Year Mainstay Jeng Chi Still Stands Out

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Jeng Chi opened in 1990, a few doors down from where it stands today as one of DFW's most well-known Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants. Then, it only had four tables, and owners Yuan and Mei Teng served only dough-based items — dumplings, noodles and gua boa (buns). They did not serve rice dishes because those were the focus of so many other Asian restaurants. They wanted to be something different.

— Paige Weaver

18 Best Things to Do in Richardson, TX

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Located in the Richardson Terrace Shopping Center, Jeng Chi is a spacious, tastefully decorated Chinese restaurant with a classic Chinese menu that does not disappoint. It is one of those rare Chinese restaurants that sees an equal number of Chinese and non-Chinese clients - they found a perfect balance between authenticity and adapted cuisine to suit a Western palate.

jeng chi exterior
— VI Staff

The Five Best Dumplings in Dallas and Fort Worth

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Are dumplings the world's most perfect food? They could be. Dumplings are delicious even in their more mediocre incarnations, and when dumplings are perfect they can border on transcendence. A well made dumpling keeps a secret tucked inside a starchy pocket, and tearing into one is not unlike unwrapping a present, which makes every dumpling you eat a celebration.

— Scott Reitz

Review: Jeng Chi Restaurant

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Few Chinese restaurants in the Dallas area can boast a loyal Chinese and non-Chinese clientele, but Jeng Chi has attracted both ever since the restaurant first opened in 1990. This is simply because Jeng Chi bothers to stay relevant. Back in April, co-owners Mei and Francisco Teng closed their family business to expand it from 3,000 to 8,300 square feet. Inside the renovated space—located in Richardson’s Chinatown—is a new cafe with European-influenced desserts and coffee roasted by Addison Roasters...

chef Mei Teng and chef
— Carol Shih

Dallas' 50 Most Interesting Restaurants, No. 23: Jeng Chi

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If you haven't been to Jeng Chi since April of this year, then you haven't been to Jeng Chi. The Chinese restaurant known for its Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumplings, moved a few doors south in the same shopping plaza a few months ago. Richardson's "China Town" has always been a dining destination for those looking for Sichuan dishes, dim sum and other Asian delicacies, but Jeng Chi has only added to the appeal with their new open kitchen and expanded dumpling menu.

— Scott Reitz

Dumplings at Jeng Chi

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Making dumplings at Jeng Chi in Richardson, Texas.

— DallasFood

Monday Morning Food Love: Soup Dumplings From Din Tai Fung

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Greetings from the other side of the Pacific Ocean! I’m sorry to hurt your stomachs, but I can’t resist sharing this photo of Din Tai Fung’s xiaolongbao (steamed soup dumplings) in Taipei, Taiwan. Look closely: There are at least twenty delicate folds twisted into a spiral shape on top of each bun (I counted), and the skin is so thin it’s practically translucent. So naked are these xiaolongbao, you can see the shrimp and pork filling swimming inside a shallow pool of hot soup. Who wants to die and go to soup dumpling heaven with me? Alright, then, stay with me here…

— Carol Shih

A Few Asian Bakeries in Dallas That I Cannot Live Without

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— Carol Shih

Review: Jeng Chi

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This Richardson gem goes beyond the egg roll.

— Teresa Gubbins